Here are a few examples of Areas we have helped our Clients

Instructor Led Leadership Competence Development

RCA Training


The   RCA or also known as the Root Cause Analysis Training will walk you through   how to conduct a proper root cause analysis using different scientifically   proven tools and methodologies that would drive to the true core of the   issue. At the end of this training, the candidate would have the tools, and   the ability to drive at least one RCA using one of the tools taught.    

Introduction to Change Management and Leadership


This   course is designed to build introductory level competence around change   management. It is specifically tailored for aspiring change managers     

Lean Six Sigma White Belt (Introduction)


The Lean Six Sigma White belt Course is an introductory level course designed to   provide a general understanding to proven methodologies used to drive Change  and Improvement. After attending this course, each candidate would be able to   quickly visualize how to go about making changes to small day to day   challenges affecting their immediate area of business    

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt


The Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt is an intermediate Level Course, designed to go a   little deeper than the White Belt Course. In this course, the candidate would   get hands on experience in driving an improvement to a business problem   (during the course). Each candidate at the end of this course would be able   to be assigned and drive a medium sized business challenge to the completion   of the improvement    

Introduction to Basic Analytics and Story Telling


This   introduction to Basic Analytics and Storytelling class is essential to every   business to ensure flawless operations. In a nutshell, taking the course   would help your business understand and determine proactive and corrective   measures to ensure your business maintains and/or gains market share   effectively. The analytics portion of the course the candidate understand   what and how to measure, where the story telling would help the candidate   relay that message in the most effective way.